Fitmade coming in Summer 2017!

FITMADE is a professional athletic brand – our products are carefully designed to fit into your lifestyle inside and outside the gym. It doesn’t matter if you are at the gym, at movies, on date, or just hanging out – in our selection there are always plenty of original pieces to choose from – suitable for every occasion. Our high-quality products with wide range of designs and colors are made with love. We offer both fashion and function in our products.


Fitmade ambassadors are carefully picked athletes and fitness enthusiasts (men & women) across the world, united to inspire, motivate, educate and engage fitness lovers, helping them become unstoppable by tapping into their unlimited potential.

Why become an ambassador? You get all kinds of discounted and FREE Fitmade products for you and your friends. APPLY NOW and get a FREE Fitmade ambassador pack*


A short paragraph on what makes you the ideal candidate in regards of healthy lifestyle, sport and fitness.

* we will get in touch with you once we review your application to discuss more details about our cooperation (your size, products preferences etc.).
**By applying to the ambassador program you agree to share your details requested in the application form with Fitmade. We declare we won't share your details with any third party. All your personal details are safe with us.